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A Note from BIAD’s Staff – By Esther Curtis & Rusty Sheridan

July 11, 2012

Rusty and I were hired by the Board of Directors in 2008. Neither of us had any idea what we were getting ourselves into. We had a giant operational grant that was GOING AWAY, our members seemed to be dropping like flies, and we felt very alone. It was scary. Devon was [thankfully] behind us, but she was working a full-time job all her own and was new to her position as President, too. But we CARED about helping people. So we just threw ourselves into it.

It seemed an impossible task to reinvigorate the organization. No matter how determined we were to work hard and increase outreach, no one could ever hope to have enough strength or intelligence or patience to handle it all. We didn’t know we could never hope to succeed on our own. We still tried. We’re stubborn as two oxen.

The truth, as we eventually discovered, is that a nonprofit must have many different types of supporters. While we serve as the administrative staff (we’re the people you see at events and fairs), we need a group of people both leading and supporting us. People with vision, skills, experience, expertise, courage, and determination. It takes many kinds of people to make a nonprofit work. We depend on our President and Executive team for leadership. Our board is responsible for directing the course of the organization and helping to increase its funding sources, visibility, and outreach. Our members serve as our best cheerleaders and give us feedback on the things we do. People who come to events and call for help and take advantage of our services make us feel like the hard work is worth it. 

Rusty and I are both too experienced to feel at ease with the current momentum just yet. However, we can both agree that it’s nice to have an engine and steering wheel on the bus we’ve been pushing along.