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Questions for Delaware’s Healthcare Professionals

September 1, 2011

We all know brain injury is prevalent throughout the nation. We need informed, prepared healthcare professionals to maintain their awareness and education about brain injury so that they can provide competitive healthcare for their patients.

1)   What are some of the symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

2)   What types of diagnostic tools can you use to screen for TBI?

3)   What kinds of therapy might an individual with brain injury require?

4)   What is the most effective form of brain injury rehabilitation?

5)   What types of treatment options are available to a Delawarean TBI survivor?

6)   Is a stroke a type of brain injury?

7)   What types of behavioral anomalies manifest after a TBI?

8)   How is brain activity measured?

If any of these answers aren’t obvious to you, we suggest you study brain injury and pursue the ACBIS (Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists) certification. Check it out at

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